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Corporate & Commercial Law
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Course Aims:

This podcast aims to explain some of the major provisions of the Companies Act 2006 that are likely to affect companies following their implementation in October 2009. Special attention will be given to the new role of the memorandum of association and changes affecting articles of association and how existing companies might choose to amend their constitutional documentation to bring them into line with the new statutory provisions. The podcast also addresses the consequences for many companies of the abolition of the concept of "authorised share capital" in the old style memorandum. It also refers to the new rules on the protection of directors’ and secretaries’ residential addresses from public disclosure and provides practical advice on how these provisions may be taken advantage of. Finally the podcast touches on how the new provisions’ impact upon LLPs, particularly the definition of 'subsidiary' in section 1159.

After completing the course you will:
  • Understand the major changes to company law taking effect from 1st October 2009;
  • Know the changes to the status and function of the memorandum of association;
  • Be aware of what impact the 'deemed' changes to the memorandum and articles mean for existing companies;
  • Know how restrictions such as the objects clause, the authorised share capital clause and any other entrenched provisions have been affected from 1st October 2009.;
  • Be aware of how the changes to the memorandum impact upon the status, function and content of the articles of association;
  • Know how existing companies can take advantage of the new provisions in the default model articles and what has become of Table A;
  • Know the new rules on the public disclosure of directors residential addresses;
  • Know the circumstances in which a statement of capital will be required;
  • Understand how the 1st October 2009 changes affect LLPs.
Complex Difficulty: 4 of 5
Legislative Updates
Practical Guide
Sources and References:
  • Companies Act 2006.

This podcast looks at those important remaining provisions of the Companies Act 2006 that were finally implemented on 1st October 2009. Attention will be given to the provisions affecting a company's constitution, privacy for directors and secretaries, the consequences of the abolition of authorised share capital and also how the new provisions affect LLPs.

N.B. The Changes discussed in this podcast were implemented into law on 1st October 2009

Podcast added: 19/1/10

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