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Remedies & Enforcement
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Course Aims:

This podcast aims to familiarise practitioners with the procedure for obtaining a charging order to enforce judgment. It will examine the merits of seeking a charging order, their scope, what documentation has to be filed and served and the three stages a judgment creditor must pass through to obtain satisfaction.

After completing the course you will:
  • Understand how a charging order works;
  • Understand the stages in the application process to obtain a cash sum;
  • Know what assets a charging order can apply to;
  • Know the procedure to obtain an interim charging order;
  • Know the procedure to obtain a final charging order;
  • Know which court to issue in and which documentation to include in the application;
  • Know the procedure to obtain an order for sale;
  • Understand the considerations the court will make in granting any order.
Beginner Difficulty: 1 of 5
Practical Guide
Sources and References:
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This podcast is a practical guide for how to obtain a charging order against a judgment debtor in default; it will cover issues of procedure and what practitioners should keep in mind to be successful.

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Podcast last reviewed: 2011-05-31

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