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Defamation and Reputation Management
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Course Aims:

This podcast aims to give the listener an overview of the law regarding libel and the key defences to an action for defamation. It focuses on the defence of honest comment and the case law that has developed this area. In particular, the podcast examines the recent case law, including the Supreme Court judgement in Joseph v Spiller. This podcast also considers the status of libel reform in England and the effect the current libel laws have had on other jurisdictions.

After completing the course you will:
  • Know what a libel action is and when it will occur;
  • Recognise where the defence of honest comment will be available;
  • Appreciate the different aspects of honest comment that have been considered by the court;
  • Understand the recent key case law developments in this area;
  • Know the Supreme Court position on the defence of honest comment;
  • Appreciate the status of reform in this area of law;
  • Be aware of other defences to a libel action.
General Interest Difficulty: 2 of 5
Case Update
Legal Principles
Legislative Updates
Sources and References:
  • Branson v Bower [2002] QB 737;
  • British Chiropractic Association v Singh. [2010] EWCA Civ 350;
  • Broadcasting Act 1990;
  • Defamation Act 1996;
  • Godfrey v Demon Internet Service [2001] QB 201;
  • Hunt v Star Newspaper [1908] 2 KB 309;
  • Joseph v Spiller. [2010] UKSC 53;
  • Kemsley v Foot [1952] AC 345;
  • Reynolds v Times Newspapers Ltd [1999] 4 All ER 609;
  • Robert Dee v Telegraph Media [2010];
  • Securing the Protection of our Enduring and Established Constitutional Heritage Act (SPEECH Act);
  • Silkin v. Beaverbrook Newspapers Ltd., [1958] 1 W.L.R. 743;
  • Theatres Act 1968;
  • Tse Wai Chun Paul v Albert Cheng [2001] EMLR 777.

This podcast looks at the impact of recent case law on the legal landscape of libel in the UK, with a focus on the defence of honest comment.

Podcast last reviewed: 2011-07-25

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