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Course Aims:

This podcast is aimed at employment practitioners, HR professionals and those representing workers in the public sector. It aims to explore the concept of a standard relevant transfer and in particular the carve-out from TUPE that applies to reorganisations of public authorities. This podcast then aims to review 3 recent cases on standard transfers and the reorganisation of public administrative authorities.

After completing the course you will:
  • Understand when there will be a relevant transfer for the purposes of the Acquired Rights Directive and the UK TUPE Regulations 2006;
  • Understand the significance of the apparent carve out in regulation 3(5);
  • Know what practitioners should be looking for when considering whether there has been a standard transfer;
  • Know what characterises an ‘undertaking’ for the purposes of the legislation;
  • Understand whether any structural reorganisation of an undertaking will constitute a standard transfer;
  • Understand when and how a transfer must be conducted for it to be covered by the TUPE regulations;
  • Know how is can be established whether the undertaking has retained its identity following a transfer;
  • Understand the facts and issues in Scattolon, Albron and Clece.
Complex Difficulty: 4 of 5
Case Update
Legal Principles
Sources and References:
  • Acquired Rights Directive 2001/23/EC Arts 1;
  • Transfer of Undertakings (Protection of Employees) Regulations 2006 Reg 3;
  • Spijkers [1986] ECR 1119;
  • Allen v Amalgamated Construction [2000] IRLR 119 Renato Collino v Telecom Italia [2000] ECR I-6659 Dr Sophie Redmond Stichting v Bartol [1992] IRLR 366;
  • Henke v Gemeinde Schierke [1996] IRLR 701;
  • Didier Mayer v APIM [2000] ECR I-7755;
  • Scattolon v Ministero Dell’Istruzione Dell’Universita e Della Ricera [2011] IRLR 1020;
  • Staff Transfers in the Public Sector, UK Cabinet Office (2001);
  • Wynnwith v Bennett [2002] IRLR 170;
  • Wain v Guernsey Ship Management [2007] ICR 1350 Dudley Bower v Lowe [2003] IRLR 260;
  • Perth & Kinross Council v Donaldson [2004] IRLR 121;
  • Rygaard v Stro Molle Akustik [1996] IRLR 51;
  • Sanchez Hidalgo v ASA [1999] IRLR 136;
  • Argyll Training v Sinclair [2000] IRLR 630;
  • Fairhurst Ward Abbotts v Botes Building [2004] IRLR 304 ADI v Willer [2001] IRLR 542 Schmidt v Spar [1994] IRLR 302;
  • Merckx v Ford Motors [1996] IRLR 467 Allen v Amalgamated Construction [2000] IRLR 119;
  • Millam v Print Factory (London) 1991 Ltd [2007] IRLR 526 Daddy’s Dance Hall [1988] IRLR 315;
  • Temco v Imzilyen [2002] ECR I-969;
  • Albron Catering v FNV Bondgenoten [2011] IRLR 76;
  • Schmidt [1994] IRLR 302;
  • Suzen v Zehnacker [1997] IRLR 255;
  • Oy Liikenne v Liskojarvi [2001] IRLR 171;
  • Abler v Sodexho [2004] IRLR 168;
  • Crece v Valor [2011] IRLR 251;
  • ECM v Cox [1999] IRLR 559;
  • ADI v Willer [2001] IRLR 542;
  • RCO v Unison [2002] IRLR 401;
  • Astle v Omnisure [2005] IRLR 12.

This podcast is going to begin with a short summary of the law on the conditions and consequences of a standard TUPE transfer, before going on to consider three recent ECJ cases concerning standard transfers and the reorganisation of public administrative authorities.

Podcast added: 11/06/12

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