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Personal Injury
Remedies & Enforcement
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Course Aims:

The podcast provides an overview of damages in Personal Injury claims including provisional damages and periodical payments. This podcast will be of use to practioners that deal with Personal Injury claims and those who are just starting to practice in the area. It also touches on the calculations involved in the latest Ogden tables (6th Edition.)

After completing the course you will:
  • Know what can be claimed under General Damages;;
  • Understand how to value pain, suffering and loss of amenity;;
  • Know how to uplift a case as required by Heil v Rankin [2000];;
  • Understand what a Smith and Manchester award is and when it would be appropriate;;
  • Understand how the courts award damages for loss of congenial employment;;
  • Know how to calculate future losses using the Ogden tables (Sixth edition);;
  • Know the heads of damage normally claimed under special damages;;
  • Understand the process for calculating the Claimant's loss of earnings;;
  • Know how the courts value service and care costs;;
  • Understand the rules pertaining to provisional damages and periodical payments.
Beginner Difficulty: 1 of 5
Sources and References:
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In this CPDCast, Richard Campbell discusses damages in Personal Injury cases namely the key heads of damage under both General and Special Damages and also the courts approach to provisional damages and periodical payments.

Podcast Added: 22/12/2008

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