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Course Aims:

This podcast aims to explore the role employment lawyers have in managing the use of social media in the workplace in 4 key areas: avoiding productivity loss from employees, protecting the business from liability, loss of proprietary information and business reputation, what risks there are in using social media as part of a recruitment process and the management of employee relationships.

After completing the course you will:
  • Understand what social media and networking is and what risks and benefits it can bring to a company’s business model;
  • Be aware of the issues in raising arguments that the use of social media may lead to a loss in productivity;
  • Be aware of the alternatives to banning social media at work;
  • Be aware of the risk of confidential or sensitive information about an employer being leaked out into the social networks;
  • Be aware of the possible solicitation issues that might arise through professional networking websites such as LinkedIn;
  • Be aware of the liabilities that an employer might be exposed to through social networking and media by its employees and understand how this might be managed;
  • Be aware of the developing law of privacy and the issues of disciplining or dismissing employees for what they get up to and post online;
  • Understand the risks in using social media as a source of information for recruitment decisions;
  • Be aware of what liability might arise for employers where employees take their personal differences into cyberspace.
General Interest Difficulty: 2 of 5
Practical Guide
Sources and References:
  • Hays Specialist Recruitment (Holdings) Ltd v Ions [2008] IRLR 904;
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This podcast is about the impact of social media and networking on the workplace. Widely seen as both a good and bad thing in equal measure, the proliferation of online social spaces such as Facebook and LinkedIn is beginning to blur the line between home and work life. When those two spheres collide, what role do employment lawyer have in managing conflict.

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