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In Focus: the Law of Finance - 2013 CPD Training Bundle
Banking and Financial Services
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Course Aims:

In this CPDcast, Professor Alastair Hudson, author of the leading text, "The Law of Finance"(Sweet & Maxwell,2013), discusses the financial crisis – what happened, why it happened and where to look to understand more.

We then discuss the legislative response to the crisis and take stock of the current legal landscape governing financial services.

After completing the course you will:
  • Understand the circumstances under which the financial crisis emerged;
  • Be aware of the developments in America which formed part of the crisis;
  • Know where to look for dispassionate and in-depth information regarding the crisis;
  • Be aware of the immediate regulatory response to the financial crisis;
  • Understand the current legislation which has been introduced in the wake of the financial crisis;
  • Note some of the potential weaknesses in the current legislative regime.
Specialist Difficulty: 5 of 5
Sources and References:
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  • Treasury Committee Fifth Report – Reporting Contingent Liabilities to Parliament.

In this CPDcast, Professor Alastair Hudson discusses the financial crisis and provides an illustrative overview of the legislative response.


Date Recorded: 4th July 2013

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