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Residential Property
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Course Aims:

This podcast is aimed at property lawyers, particularly those interested in the extension of leases and the conversion of leases into freeholds. It aims to explore developments in 4 key areas: deferment rates, relativity, hope value and development value since the important House of Lords’ decision on valuation in enfranchisement cases in Sportelli in 2008.

After completing the course you will:
  • Know how Sportelli has been accepted for leases above and below the crucial 20 year term limit;
  • Understand how valuers have to value the existing lease in a hypothetical ’no Act’ world?;
  • Know to what extent relativity location sensitive and whether it changes over time;
  • Know what has happened as a result of the Sportelli decision in allowing hope value in collective claims;
  • Know whether and how development value applies to valuations of houses and lease extensions of single flats;
  • Know to what extent a tenant is entitled to a share of the development value.
Specialist Difficulty: 5 of 5
Legal Principles
Market Update / Hot Topic
Sources and References:
  • Earl Cadogan v Sportelli [2010] 1AC 226;
  • R (Cart) v Upper Tribunal (Public Law Project and another intervening) [2011] UKSC 28;
  • Cadogan Square Properties Ltd v Cadogan [2010] UKUT 427 (LC);
  • Sloane Stanley Estate v Carey-Morgan & Anor [2011] UKUT 415 (LC);
  • McHale v Cadogan [2011] 1 P & CR 313;
  • Arrowdell Ltd v Coniston Court (North) Hove Ltd [2007] RVR 39;
  • Nailrile Limited v Earl Cadogan [2009] RVR 95;
  • Dependable Homes Ltd v Mann [2009] UKUT 171, LRA/49/2008;
  • 31 Cadogan Square Ltd v Cadogan [2010] UKUT 231 LC;
  • Warren Court, 293/295 Euston Road, NW1 LON/00AG/OLR/2010/1206;
  • 31& 37 Cadogan Square (31 Cadogan Square Freehold Ltd & Anor v Cadogan [2010] UKUT 321 (LC)).

In this podcast, an enfranchisement specialist barrister discusses some of the liveliest developments in this area in the last 3 years including deferment rates, relativity, hope value and development value.

Podcast added: 01/02/12

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